Employer Financial Commitment and Authorization Form

Thank you so much for your commitment as an employer to invest in your employees to participate in programs like Leadership Tyler. It is truly an investment that will strengthen and develop your team. Please note, applications are NOT COMPLETE till we receive a response from you below. Deadline for submissions are May 31st. The applicant must have this employer portion submitted and the fees paid before applications are reviewed.


If you have any questions, please reach out to Wendy Frizzell at wendy@leadershiptyler.org. Thank you!

Employer Authorization / Financial Commitment Form

Commitments for Participation : Leadership Tyler Class 38

Thank you for honoring these financial and time commitments. Both are vital to the success and effectiveness of the Leadership Tyler core program.
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Financial Commitment Tuition for each participant in Leadership Tyler is $2,500, of which at least $150 must be paid by the participant personally. Financial assistance is very limited. For information on financial assistance, please refer to the Application for Tuition Assistance.

You may make adjustments to the amounts below granted the total comes to $2,350.

Time Commitment for Class 38

Our curriculum is designed to provide a continuous learning experience throughout the course of the program. Full participation is integral to ensure all class members fully benefit from the program, both for their individual personal development and for the contributions each member makes to the class. We have the following attendance requirements:

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